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Muito mais do que documentos Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras. Iniciar teste gratuito Cancele quando quiser. The Mad Drive September-october Masterlist Enviado por Anton Cornel. Data de envio Apr 26, Denunciar este documento. Baixe agora. Pesquisar no documento.Pass your next exam guaranteed:. Control your IT training process by customizing your practice certification questions and answers.

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Tweet it! Unlimited Access Features:. Practice Testing Software. Truly interactive practice Create and take notes on any question Retake until you're satisfied Used on unlimited computers Filter questions for a new practice Re-visit and confirm difficult questions.

Our C prep are developed by experience's Blue Prism certification Professionals working in today's prospering companies and data centers. Test Code. Practice Online Testing Account.Contents Abstract Introduction: Establishing the Ownership of Stories Reconsidering the Role of the Screen Playwright Reconsidering Screen Adaptations The Novel and the Screenwriter: Rewriting from Scratch Between Stage and Screen: Harold Pinter The purpose of this research project is to determine in which ways the task of the screen writer, Harold Pinter, and of the film director, Karel Reisz, has altered the original intentions of the novelist in the case of the screen adaptation of John Fowless The French Lieutenants Woman and to see how both novel and film are related to other novels and films.

I have preceded the study by a general survey of the main aspects concerning adaptations, with especial attention to the screen adaptations of novels in the last decade and the beginnings of the current one the s. I will argue that the most important feature of The French Lieutenants Woman is not that it is an imitation Victorian novel, or an experimental novel but a text that is mainly concerned with the question of how sexual liberation has changed the power balance between the sexes in England in the s.

In that sense, I read The French Lieutenants Woman as Fowless response to Thomas Hardys Tess and I see it in relationship to another s novel dealing with the status of the postVictorian fallen woman after the movement for sexual liberation, Margaret Drabbles The Millstone I will read as a response to both film and novel, A.

Byatts Possession I will also argue that the end product of this adaptation is a new story that takes as its source Fowless novel to criticize it rather than to follow it faithfully, a criteria that should be in general valuable to evaluate the success of screen adaptations of any literary text. In my view, Pinters screenplay explores the function of the cinema as a visualizer of the past and tries to explore how our sexuality is both conditioned by Victorianism and unlike it.

I will argue that Pinter partly bases his own screenplay on the screen adaptation of Fowless The Collector and on his own adaptation of L. Hartleys The Go-Between Furthermore, I will argue that this adaptation also springs from a double concern to market a British product for Hollywood consumptionmore Victorian than the novels actually isand from Fowless exploitation of the original success of the novel, despite his wellknown antagonism towards the cinema.

Introduction: Establishing the Ownership of Stories One of the best ways in which novels can be studied is, no doubt, in comparison with the cinema. Both films and novels share basically a common function in contemporary culture: acting as the most popular artistic vehicles through which stories reach their audiences.

Screen adaptations of exceptional novels furnish a unique occasion to carry out interdisciplinary studies that help to place the novels themselves within a wider. Sara Martn Alegre 2 Whose Story? By offering a perspective from which the novel appears to be, if not truly adaptable, an apt source for cinematic spectacles, the study of screen adaptations also helps to free literary criticism on the novel from its artificial, genrebound limitations.

Given the undeniable popularity of novels and the increasing importance that films are gaining in contemporary cultural life it seems doubly worthwhile to examine which principles, if any, regulate screen adaptations. The adaptation of John Fowless novel The French Lieutenants Woman in immediately attracted the attention of readers, cinema-goers and critics, both literary and film critics.

Although its case is not unique in the story of screen versions of remarkable literary works, few films can boast of having emerged from the collaboration of three outstanding artists such as John Fowles, Harold Pinter and Karel Reisz, and of having been a substantial box office hit into the bargain. This seems to have been, besides, one of the few instances in which the resulting film has been accepted with equal satisfaction by the novelist, the screen-writer and the director, despite the fact that the screen version differs noticeably from its novelistic source.

Atypical as the case was, and in spite of its success, most reviews tended to value the film negatively because of Pinter and Reiszs breach of faithfulness towards the novel, a questionable postulate that seems to affect most criticism of screen adaptations. The purpose of this research project is, precisely, to find a fresher point of view from which to consider screen adaptations, disregarding a blind defence of novels against any of their possible film versions.Number likely to be higher or lower based on key player's final availability.

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Sara Martín Tesina Dissertation Whose Story Fowles Pinter Reisz 1993 REV 2014

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For example, running two nodes for ten minutes is charged the same as running one node for twenty minutes. Online and batch prediction allocate nodes differently, which can have a substantial effect on what you will be charged.

The batch prediction service scales the number of nodes it uses to minimize the amount of elapsed time your job takes. To do that, the service:Scales the number of nodes during the job in an attempt to optimize efficiency. Each node takes time to get started, so the service tries to allocate just enough of them so that the startup time is countered by the reduction in elapsed time. You can affect the scaling of a batch prediction job by specifying a maximum number of nodes to use.

You generally want as many nodes as the service will use, but node usage is subject to the Cloud ML Engine quota policy. You may want to limit the number of nodes allocated to a given job, especially if you share your project with others and potentially run jobs (both training and prediction) concurrently. The online prediction service scales the number of nodes it uses to maximize the number of requests it can handle without introducing too much latency. To do that, the service:Scales the number of nodes in response to request traffic, adding nodes when traffic increases, and removing them when there are fewer requests.

Keeps at least one node ready to handle requests even when there are none to handle. It scales down to zero when your model version goes several minutes without a prediction request. The service keeps your model in a ready state as long as you have a steady stream of requests.

In this way each prediction can be served promptly. However, it can take a long timetens of seconds, maybe as much as a few minutesto initialize nodes to serve a request when the service has scaled down to zero. Cloud ML Engine automatic scaling for online prediction can help you serve varying rates of prediction requests while minimizing costs. However, it is not ideal for all situations. The service may not be able to bring nodes online fast enough to keep up with large spikes of request traffic.

If your traffic regularly has steep spikes, and if reliably low latency is important to your application, you may want to consider manual scaling. You can affect the scaling of online prediction for a model version by specifying a number of nodes to keep running regardless of traffic. Setting the number of nodes manually actually stops the service from scaling, which means that the number of nodes you specify will always be ready, and you will be charged continuously for them.

You should avoid this unless the number of requests your model receives inherently fluctuates faster than the automatic scaling can keep up. You set the number of nodes to use by setting manualScaling in the Version object you pass to projects. The data you use for getting predictions is new data that takes the same form as the data you used for training. Online and batch prediction both use the same data (the features of your model), but they require different formats depending on which type of prediction and which interface you use.

These formats are summarized in the following table, and described in more detail in the sections below:The basic format for both online and batch prediction is a list of instance data tensors.But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of these extraordinary uses for baby wipesjust toss them in the trash instead.

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The Mad Drive September-october Masterlist 2015

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